An October Morning on Lake Ontario

Ernest Knowles ©1974

Sitting on the frost-covered dock since first light this morning,

I’ve been blessed by nature in a double way.

From massive, snarled oaks on a hill across the river,

the October leaves,

Warm-colored by weeks of frost and cold,

are reflected on the dark blue water surface,

and I see them twice.

In the misted morning twilight,

before I could see the sun above the land,

The colors of my twice-seen leaves and sky were muted,

even a little dull.

But now the sun has crested the hill and the trees behind me,

and my leaves and water and sky

have come vibrantly to life.

Aware only of the still crispness of the air and my frosted breath,

I feel detached in time and place, and uncertain which of the

double images is real.

A wisp of air ripples the surface of my water and

gives my answer,

and I am carried with it.

The small wavelets disturb nature’s exact reproduction,

and makes it into a

moving, changing, iridescent,

blended color image,

That will never again be just the same.

And neither will I!